Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Eighteen

I did something I said I would never do today. I went the job fair Pitney was putting on to see if they would consider me as a re-hire. Not sure if they will pay the money I am making now. But it sure was nice to see the old homestead. I saw alot of my old pals including my stedfast friends Lorna and Sharma. I even saw Maria who hire me on the spot the first time I applied back in 2000.

Hotter than a pistol today. Driving home it was 91 degrees.

I called Barb and she seems to be doing pretty well today considering. The funeral is on Saturday and I do plan on attending. She was able to say what needed saying, hug and sing to her Mom for one last time. She said the Hospice staff made a horrible time bearable. Instead of flowers I will make a donation to hospice as the family has requested.

Still sticking to the menu plan. It's meatloaf tonight with mashed potatoes and corn. Of course corn, because I am a Hoosier girl. In an effort to get our budget back down I fired the lawn guy today and yesterday I cut the cable tv back to extended basic. After over ayear of direct billing the correct credit card they started billing a different card. Got that squared away with Julia (Pido - she was down in TX and she made her weather sound like our's was just a nice cool day in the Northwest - LOL)

Have a Westward ho Wednesday~!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Barb is doing okay. What time is dinner? I'm a Hoosier girl too. Corn is good.

Good Luck with the new job(s) prospect.