Friday, August 1, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Fourteen

I'm feeling better than yesterday. I have accepted the fact that I was duped. Does not happen often. Just had my radar down. Pick myself up, brush myself off and go on. I'm still surprised how it all happened. Probably will never understand. And I am not going to pick up the phone and call hoping for some kind of explanation. Move on...and I will.

The weather is perfect today. Cloudy, cool, perfect. I made $87.00 this week in selling earrings. How about that. I stopped at Michael's and spent $30 on supplies to make more.

I have a whole "To Do" list to accomplish this weekend. I made a goal to become more organized. I started out by writing a menu for the week, so, I only have to shop once. I just need to prioritise my To Do list and actually accomplish some of it.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


pidomon said...

I am sorry you were duped. It seems like you are a bit frustrated but nice to still see you shining through that frustration.

Hope the weekend is good for you and M and next week will have many pics of me and my niece.

Sending good thought to ya

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hate to do this, but to avoid sounding repetitive, I must second what Pido says. Really. I keeping a good thought for you.

Betty said...

I am mad that you were duped. Don't know how you were duped, but I don't like anyone mistreating my friend.

Congratulations on selling some of your earrings. Way to go. Do do make pretty things. I can vouch for that myself.