Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven

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Watched the first night of the convention. Loved seeing our American Princess, Caroline Kennedy. It was good to see Teddy one more time. And Jimmy Carter, always wonderful. What was wrong with his eye?

The speeches made by Obama's sister and brother in law were magnificient. And I was very impressed with Michelle. Now I wish I would have went and heard her speech when she was here in Spokane. M said heck with O'bama - he would vote for her!

I didn't go to work today. They will probably write me up. I went to the interview. I think I did well. But have not heard back yet. I have another interview tomorrow. So maybe I won't care if they write me up. I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed at this point. Hope I hear soemthing tomorrow.

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pidomon said...

i am crossing everything i can for you too!
I find the speakers so far (other than TK and MO) a little lacking.

But maybe its just cause the repukelicans put on a better show? love what they are saying but the delivery overall seems a little flat

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I watched part of the convention. Caroline Kennedy looks so much like her Mom. I was switching back and forth so I missed seeing Jimmy Carter.

Hope you are having a good week.

Betty said...
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