Friday, August 29, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Forty One

I am thinking we are going to win big time. I am declaring us Democrats winners after seeing McInsane's vp pick. She is no Hillary.

This week seemed to last forever. I am so happy that we have a 3 day weekend to recharge our batteries and just enjoy ourselves. I picked up M's weekly check for the part time work he does at the shop and then off to the bank. Seems to be becomming my Friday routine.

I went to Walmart and bought a really cool bead organizer vinyl bag. This weekend it is my goal to get all my beading supplies organized. I also bought some new shoes for the new job. No more jeans, tshirts and flip flops. Back to corporate America for me. I'm more than ready.

It is definitely hot tub night when M gets home. Nap first.

Have a wonderfully fun Labor Day Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the election.

I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Betty said...

Have a good Labor Day weekend, Linda.

pidomon said...

a beading bag? SWEEEETTTTT

Hope you and M have a great long weekend.

Doing any BBQ'ing?