Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Twenty Two

I had a great day. First off I went to Barb's Mom's funeral, which should of been sad and it was, but it was so well done and I was captivated by this woman's life story. She was a very loved woman - the place was packed. I hugged Barb and she was doing well. Then I ventured on in and found my pals Lonnie, Jacqueline and Carol to sit with. It was a very nice service. Now I know why Barb is so special.

From the funeral I drove up to Lorna's. We decided to be spontaneous and drive to Airway Heights and check out a bead shop I saw a while back. The air show was also going on so the traffic was a wee bit slow, but not too terible and there were lots of planes flying up above in every direction. The shop was really cute. It is called Celtic Hearts. So not only was it a bead shop it also a nice array of Celtic things. The Saoirse in me adores that!

After shopping we stopped at Subway and bought sandwiches and drinks and then drove and had lunch with M where he works. They have picnic tables under some shade trees. The weather was gorgeous so it was a nice lunch.

We decided we were not done bead shopping so we went to the Flour Mill and went to Wonders of the World Beads. Bought some awesome findings and beads. It is always fun to spend the day with Lorna.

On my way home I stopped at Dutch Brothers and bought a wild berry smoothie. DK is treating us to pizza tonight, so I don't have to cook. How about that for making it an even a better day.

Is everyone having a nice Saturday too?

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pidomon said...

glad you had a nice saturday
mine was pretty good too