Thursday, August 7, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Twenty

Waited too late to post. I am going to upload the pictures and finish this post tomorrow.

It is going to muggy and hot today with maybe a little thunder thrown in. So here I am on my morning lunch 1/2 hour sitting in Hell and I guess from the sound of it is like hell outside. It was already 70 degrees at 4:00 am when I drove to work.

I have stuck to the menu all week. But I have not accomplished even one task on my to do list. I spent most of the afternoon yesterday making earrings yesterday. I did sell 2 pairs that I made this morning. That's a plus.

I also did a little catching up on my tv watching. Watched the 2 Saving Grace episodes I had recorded. I do hope she gets an emmy so they will continue the series. Last night I watched Big Brother. Most all of the people this season are just annoying or boring.

At least it is Friday and I am looking forward to 2 days of freedom. Did you know Saoirse means freedom in Gaelic?

Tomorrow morning is Barb's Mom's funeral. From there I am heading to Lorna's for beading and merriment. Sunday we are going to BBQ. Maybe get something checked off on my list.

Have a fun Friday!


peppylady said...

No I didn't know Saoirse meant freedom in Gaelic.

It sure been a hot one lately. It muggy now here.

Let say I was in a hell of mood Thursday it over on my post.

pidomon said...

we got a little cool spell here today should be good golf weather tomorrow
hope you and M enjoy your weekend