Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Day Six

I awoke to snow once again. What happened to the Pineapple Express they promised? Another day of figuring the logisitics of getting to and from work because we are not sure Jiffy can maneuver the side streets without getting stuck. And just to think December is not our snowy month.

I am home now and the big meltdown has begun. What isn't slushy is icy. Little streams have started to run and potholes filled with puddles are showing up all over the place.

Tonight at the Spotted Moose Cafe is Steak and Cheese taquitos with refried beans and sliced avacados.

I got the car at lunchtime from M, so I had the joy of driving home, but, now I will have to pick him up tonight.

Have a wicked Wednesday with some fun thrown in.


USA_Admiral said...

I am hoping the warm up is on the way but I doubt it will get anytime soon.

Stay warm and be safe.

Lisa said...

Poor jiffy! And poor you. What a pain in the neck. Even so, I hope you will have a good Tuesday.

peppylady said...

The pineapple express haven't yet made it up to North Idaho.
I could use some decrease in snow amount but I hope it doesn't go quickly because of flooding.

Coffee is on.

pidomon said...

since you are too nice and sweet I curse the snow for you!

we have some sleet and freezing rain today but all that does it make people drive like morons.

hope the rest of the week treats you well

Rachel said...

Henry is barely making it through the side streets right, he's pretty low to the ground and doesn't like the very narrow spaces between the cars parked askew along the sides of the streets.

The rain didn't seem to do much but make ice today... the snow just got heavier, thankfully we already shoveled off our roof!

Stay safe and warm.