Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Day Nine

Just a normal day. I drove Spendy (M's car) today.Such a busy day! I brought my laptop to work so our IT guy, Tom, could set it up so I can work from home in case the weather turns severe again. Let's hope not! And looks like I will be working for a couple hours tomorrow to catch up. More comp time.

At lunch I went to the bank and stopped at Burger King and bought M and I the Angry Whopper. It was not that spicy. Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich or when they had there jalapeno burger was much better.

After work I stopped and did some grocery shopping. I'm going to bed early, it's been a long week. But it is the weekend and I am so happy for that.

Thanks for all the comments. I enjoyed reading them throughout my day.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm watching my grandbaby today and she's taking a nap so I have a little time to read and comment on blogs.

Hope you're not in the area affected by all the flooding from rain and snow melt.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Love and hugs,


kkryno said...

I'm with Diane! The weather reports for you look dreadful!

I fly back from NM tonight.

See you on the blogesphere in a couple of days!

A. Kichu said...

Have a great weekend

Lisa said...

Hi. I wish I could send you some sunshine and calm weather. Nevertheless, I hope you have a good weekend!

Mr.Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for all your comments, i added you to my blog list!

peppylady said...

Worked but it was fun day now home to enjoy the weekend.

Coffee is on.

Leon said...

how the simple face of the life... its the reflect of the beauty on it??
I don't know... but its wonderful...

pidomon said...

i nwould have loved to be in the BK marketing meeting when someone stood up and said "Behold I present the ANGRY WHOPPER" lol
that name just cracks me up