Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Day Two

OMG it is snowing again! I'm still planning on going to work today for a few hours. I need to go by the post box place if I can make it there. Need to see if my bead order has arrived and M's new license plates. I wanted to go to Costco, but, not sure if that is going to happen today or any out of the ordinary driving. I'm so tired of my freedom to come and go being restricted. If I didn't love it here so much in the other seasons I would be campaigning to move.

Yesterday we watched the movie Dark Knight. It was long, but, have to agree with Pidomon, it was very good.

While cleaning out a box of paperwork M found a library book, The Yoga Face. I had lost last Spring. I had paid the library for the book, so, now it is mine.

Tonight at the Spotted Moose Cafe we will be serving Hot pork sandwiches, mashed potatoes and pork gravy over homemade bread.

TV watching tonight: On the travel Channel a new episode of Most Haunted On Starz a movie Moving McAllister and on TNT a move The Wedding Date.

I'm going to play along with Peppylady's meme. She is going to list 3 words and we must find the first thing that comes up in a seach. You are to post the first sentence.

1. Mountain - The Mountain Winery Our tasting room is located in our newly renovated Winery Building at the Historic Paul Masson Wine Estate in the city of Saratoga.
2. Mabon The Wheel of the Year holds several purposes, both theological and practical. Theologically, the story of the Wheel often varies depending on the Tradition.

3. A Male Name of Your Choosing - of course I chose Michael. Michael Moore Friends,
They could have given the loan on the condition that the automakers start building only cars and mass transit that reduce our dependency on oil.

Went to work for about 4 hours. Deb bought us Starbucks coffee. I still hate that they do not offer a sugar free mocha. She got me a sugar free cinnamon quad something and it was quite good. Then for lunch Ted bought us pizza from David's Pizza We ordered the thin crust chicken garlic pizza. Oh and that was quite good too.

After work I drove (yes, he let me drive the new car, amazing) over to Rings and Things because they had extended their end of year clearance sale. I got so many wonderful things for only $33.00. Then I drove to the post box place and picked up M's new license plates and my bead order from Bead Mecca.


Travel Writer said...

Happy New Year.... Dark Night is a cool movie. I like it very much...Be careful out there.. Strange things happens when it snow or rain hard

Anonymous said...

Being cooped up is awful. I know you do a pretty awesome job of staying busy, but the restriction - out of your control - is the worst!

However - dinner does sounds fabulous.

pidomon said...

glad you got to get out even if some of it was work today. I was watching the weather tonight and saw where you are and went "oh no"

dark knight was long but it was (in my opinion) the best super hero movie since the first spider-man)

and now I am hungry with you talking about food. wish i wasn't a lazy bachelor who refused to cook!

hope you and M have a great weekend

Rachel said...

The Dark Knight was great! It took us a few tries to get all the way through it.

Dave Robertson said...

Glad you could get outside. Every morning on national radio news I hear about Spokane setting new records. Over 6 feet of snow since Dec. 1st!!

Enjoy your Red Tag Sale finds! :)

at Rings & Things