Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 Day Twenty Inauguration Day

This is the day we have waited on for 8 years! There will be jubilation and dancing for joy in our home. Too bad I have to go to work. They did promise we can watch the inauguration in the conference room on the big screen. But you know I will have live streaming from MSNBC going on my desktop.

I loved my day off yesterday. The video card went out on my desktop, so everything went a light blue and green. We went to Best Buy and bought me a new card and M installed it. I have living color again. We went to lunch at Litz's. We met the owners Dave and Tammy. Lunch was good. I asked if I could turn the tv closest to us to MSNBC and they obliged.

The Spotted Moose Cafe served homemade Chile Verde with flour tortillas. We watched Keith and Rachel. Took DK to work and came home and made it an early evening.

I took this picture of M while we were getting gas for Spendy:

We tried to take a few pictures of me, but, I looked too ugly and old. We will keep taking some until I like one I can post. I am going to start taking the camera everywhere I go so I can take pictures of the people I talk about and the places we go.

Thank you to everyone who became friends with me on my new Facebook page If you have a page let me know.

Have a great inauguration day and celebrate to the highest degree of party!


giggles said...

Hallelujah!!!!! A new day is dawning....Let us believe (and then know) that it will be a better one! (Amen)

kkryno said...

Today is an excting day, indeed!

As for a picture of you: if you're like me, you are probably your own worst critic. Not to many of us look like we used to; but then we are alot wiser than we were too.

I'll put a photo of me up this week, as K. is off and can hopefully take a decent picture.

tony said...

A Very Impressive Speech By Mr Obama.

pidomon said...

we want photos!
hey if i can vlog you can photoblog!
what an amazing day this has been

Lisa said...

This has been such a good day. You and I are so alike. Instead of watching in the conference room, I watched at my desk on MSNBC.

I agree with kkryno about the picture of you. I realize how hard it is. It took me ages to start posting pix of myself.

And yes, definitely schlep the camera everywhere. You'll be glad you did.

M is handsome man, BTW. Thanks for introducing us to him!

Mauigirl said...

This was an amazing day, wasn't it? It's a new era!

Mojo said...

We had a serendipitous snowstorm overnight and this morning, so I begged off work and stayed home to watch.

And I'm still getting chills thinking about the coming 4 years. I'm not naive enough to think we can reverse the effects of 8 years of disastrous policies at home and abroad overnight, but today I don't feel like I have to apologize to my friends in other parts of the world for being an American. And that's something I've waited a long time to say.

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