Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 Day Twenty Four

I think everyone at work yesterday had the I want it to be the weekend blues. We muttled through the day getting done what had to be done. We talked about having a once a month after work get together. We just have to decide on a place to go.

After work I stopped at White Box Pies because afterall it was National Pie Day and the Spotted Moose Cafe does not have a pastry chef and also because M needed something sweet to celebrate his vacation. I decided on the sugar free banana creme pie. It was the perfect ending to the cube steak, mac n cheese and asparagus dinner at the Spotted Moose. During dinner we watched Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Made us want to go on a road trip again. I wanted to buy the book from Zooba, but, it is out of stock right now. It was a nice evening.

Today the only thing I need to get out and do is go and get dog food. I am going to try and find Rachel Ray's new brand. While surfing around to learn more about it I found a funny blog that had some made up chef's dog foods click here to see them.

What are you doing this weekend?

It is so cold here. Another gray and gloomy day. We decided to go out for a drive. I was amazed to see all the businesses destroyed by collapsed roofs. Our big Hancock Fabric Store; Rosauers Grocery Store; a consignment shop on Country Homes; a little strip mall that housed our favorite donut shop along side a futon store and over on Ash Street a vacant store that used to be a video store. I'm sure there are alot more all over town, but these were the ones I saw with fences around them and bulldozers tearing them down completely. We drove out to the valley and circled back towards town. We wanted to try The Bluz at the Bend, but they don't open till 4:00 and it was only 2:00. We were getting hungry so we headed to our new favorite place Litz's Place.

Crystal was behind the bar and took our order and Zack cooked the food. I ordered the sweet potato fries and gizzards and M had his favorite burger and fries. The sweet potato fries were so good - fried perfect and garnished with minced garlic. We won $8.00 back from our $20 worth of pull tabs. We sat and watched figure skaters on TV. Found out that Crystal also makes beads. Next time I come in I am going to go through her portfolio and see if we can work something out. I always give Litz' a full moose rump of spots.

Back out in the cold and back home. So tonight it's TV and playing on the computer. Michelle from work loaned me the book Marley and Me, so I may start reading that.


Mojo said...

Probably dodging the rain trying to get some things done in the yard. I swear I work harder on the weekends than I do during the week!

Betty said...

Sugar free banana creme pie? Sounds so good!!!

Enjoy your weekend, Linda.

kkryno said...

I missed the memo on National Pie Day!

I'm always the bottom of the information chain! :[

I picked up some pastels and paper Thursday. My plan is to do SOMETHING creative this week-end.


giggles said...

Took a quilt class to make a green grocery tote.... Tomorrow is big church meeting...I made split pea soup that only I and maybe one other will we discuss the fuzzy future of our failing, flailing church...

I missed the pie day memo too. Damn! I better get busy!

Betty said...

Linda, I lost everything on my sidebar. How did you put the blogs you follow on your sidebar showing when each blogger posts and the subject of their post?

I can't remember how to do it. Thanks.

peppylady said...

Went to couple of function today and will be posting them on Monday.

Coffee is on.

pidomon said...

Underfrog brought a smile to my face!
i know i was a little reserved on the vlog must be the winter blahs
hope you have a great weekend

Lisa said...

You had a full day, for sure! Wow - how awful all those lost businesses. We've not seen any news coverage of it here.

We took Cupcake to basketball, The Actor took the SAT and then MathMan and I spent the afternoon at the library using their high speed wireless and checking out dvds to watch. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

I hope you have a good Sunday. Some sun would be nice. I'll wish it for you.

Linda S. Socha said...

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tony said...

National Pie Day! Wow !What a Good Idea!
Me?Lazy!! I just slept 10 whole hours last night.....! I Love Sleeping.Last Night I 'Watched a good DVD called In Bruges It's Very Good!