Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Day Thirty

Another cold morning, but, at least again no snow or the freezing rain they were forecasting. I'm glad today is Friday.

Last night I tried to make this caramel snack mix for M's potluck, but, it did not turn out right. I hate when that happens. Should not attempt difficult recipes when I am tired. I should have stuck with the tried and true chex mix, like he wanted. I guess he will need to pick something up at the store.

Last night I watched an episode of Leverage. This is such a good show starring Timothy Hutton. I saw that Saving Grace is coming back. Now that is my all time favorite show.

My friend Cher at work now has a blog, but, I realize now that I cannot add a Wordpress Blog to my blogroll. It is not accepting her blog address. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong? Here's her blog

I want to send out a big thank you to Mojo for emailing me his wonderful candle photo that was featured on his blog. I cannot wait to print it out on photo paper and frame it. That was so extra sweet of you. If you want to see some interesting and fab photos and learn more about North Carolina check out his blog.

Well, Governor F Bomb is gone now. We won't have him to make fun of any more. I wonder who will be next to take the pundits place to have fun with. He did make it interesting the last week with his tv interview blitz.

I hope everyone has a fun Friday and for those of you that was having awful weather I hope it is improving and for those where it is still bad - stay and warm and safe.


A. K. said...

So sad that it cold out there. Here the weather is so perfect!

Lisa said...

I was thinking about Blago this morning and it occurred to me that most liberals support his real policies and the things he advocates for, but we hate his weasely ways. And now he is out of a job.

Contrast that with another governor with whom many of us disagree with both her policies and her weasely ways of doing business. She still has her job.

They both essentially thumbed their noses at the system when they were being investigated. Blago was held accountable. Palin wasn't.

I just found that to be an interesting contrast.

I'm sorry about your caramel treat. Dang, I hate when recipes don't work out.

Have a great weekend, l!

Oh and Cher's blog is really helpful. Thank you for sharing it.

linda said...

love the picture today :)

I have not had any problem adding wp addresses to my blog list...hmmm...don't you love it when this happens...I removed the icons? maybe that makes a difference?

sorry about the delicious sounding treat...yes, everyone hates that!!!

linda said...

hmmm, I did not include the first few sentences?

kkryno said...

I'm just glad to see him gone. I couldn't stand to see his crooked-rat face any longer.

Unfortunately; I live in Alaska, and I'm stuck with the Palinator.

All the more reason to want to move back home, but in actuality; I have to say politicians are no better there.

I hope that a more honest era is being ushered in along with our new President.

Happy Friday!

peppylady said...

I just over at your friend Cher blog. I have to say I enjoy blogging very much.

It starting to warm up a little around the northwest don't give up Spring will be here.

One of my coffee pals is from word press and I had no trouble adding her to my blog roll.

I'm always trying new things in the kitchen and sometime it comes out and other time it doesn't.
I guess that roll of the dice.

Coffee is on.

Mojo said...

I've never had a problem adding a Wordpress blog to my blogroll. Actually, I don't recall ever having a problem adding any blog to my blogroll. Some websites occasionally, but nothing powered by Blogger or Wordpress (not sure about Typepad or Livejournal).

When you say you can't add it, what is it that it's doing (or not doing) that you expected it to do (or not)?