Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Day Ten

It is Saturday, I am up early and house is still quiet. Good time to catch up on blog reading and comment posting.

Lots of things planned for today. We'll see how much I actually get done. I did tell my boss I am going to the office for a couple of hours and get some projects caught up. It will make Monday much easier.

Will check back later...

These are the things that can happen in the northwest: Moose crashes in basement This happened only a few blocks from my house.


USA_Admiral said...

Here is hoping you weekend is great.

Bob said...

Wow. Glad the li'l moose is okay, but that would be freaky!!

Mojo said...

I saw on the weather channel that your area's getting pounded right now. Sounds like great skiing, not so great everything-elsing.

Take care of yourself, 'kay?

(PS: Found you via ghostDansing in case you were wondering.)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Dang, hope you don't add moose dodging to your day's events! ;o)

Have a great Sunday and hope you aren't having to deal with any of the flooding I've seen reported in your area.

Love and hugs,


pidomon said...

the moose-entry incident
that could be the greatest phrase ever written!

have a good Sunday