Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Day Twenty Seven

We had just a tad of sprinkling of snow so far today. Not the two inches of snow, that was predicted. And I am so glad!

Last night while watching Rachel she mentioned that she is going to have Governor F Bomb on her show. OMG how stupid is this guy? Rachel's show? She will cut him to pieces, at least I hope so. I don't want to miss this show, for sure!

I really need to work on the house when I get home. Between M being on vacation, blogging, Facebook and television I have not got very much done and the house is a disaster. I did get the laundry almost all caught up. I need to go through all my clothes and find a place for all of them or give away the old ones that I hardly wear anymore. I also made a goal to clean out the bookshelves in the office and find another place for them or give them away. We plan on painting the office white and one wall blue, but, first we need to de-clutter and get it ready for painting. I just have to make short term goals and conquer them.


A. Kichu said...

great pic!

tony said...

Snow! Yea, The Winter Seems To Have Gone On Forever.Roll on Spring!! Your on Facebook.I will send an invite thingie!

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I don't know how I feel about the picture you have posted here, tee hee. It's unusual that's for sure.

I just gave away about two boxes of books, and I was glad to get rid of them.

Calling for snow today. Keep your fingers crossed that we will get it as I love snow.

pidomon said...

we're getting teh snow and the ice and the snow and the ice again!

oh well good thing I went to the store this weekend

Mojo said...

Rachel? Governor F. Bomb?

Jeez... I'm so out of touch.

Ach! You just reminded me, I need to get some laundry going.. it may have to wait until tomorrow night though.

Lisa said...

I really want a self-cleaning house!

Man, Blago is something else. His interview with Rachel was amazing. Not good amazing.

Linda-Sama said...

love this pic, I will have to liberate it for my yoga blog! :)


Anonymous said...

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