Sunday, December 30, 2007


It was a perfect day. We stayed in all day. Too icy cold to go anywhere. I worked on the laundry and picked up stuff around the house. Surfed on the computer. Just had a nice relaxing day.

I've been on the fence of what candidate I am going to campaign for. I watched Obama and Hillary's latest speeches in Iowa today. I think I still like John Edwards best, with Obama coming in second.

I made the pineapple cake for tomorrow's Snack Day at work. It came out perfect. It is one of my best cakes that I make. M wasn't happy it was going to go to work with me tomorrow. It is too bad we have to work a full day tomorrow. But it will be nice having Tuesday off. We plan to watch movies and I may do some beading.

These two pictures are by one of my favorite artists, Henri Peter. I would love to buy some of his prints and hang them all over my downstairs. Someday, maybe.

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