Thursday, December 13, 2007


I bought M and I some cute country xmas stockings from Cheryl. She is so crafty. I wish I knew her secret in finding time to do the crafts and hobbies I enjoy.

Thirteen Things about Saoirse

13 Joys of the Season

13 Things Money Can't Buy

1.... The cheerful sounds of jingle bells

2. The sweet warmth of hot chocolate after snow shoveling

3. The blessed relief of shoe removal after holiday shopping

4. The childish delight of making snow angels

5. The aerobic excercise of rooting through the closet for buried holiday decorations

6. The guilty pleasure of throwing your diet to the wind in favor of holiday cookies

7. The melodious tones of carols being sang with friends

8. The annual reprieve from the "less is more" rule

9. The remembered joys of holidays past

10. The no-fuss enjoyment of holiday leftovers

11. The peaceful beauty of Christmas Eve

12. The once a year blanket permission to greet strangers as friends

13. The heartfelt prayer that humankind will live in peace and that children will never know war

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1 comment:

Tink said...

What a wonderful list! Thank Goddess for those things-money-can't-buy!
Thanks for visiting my best wishes TT. Happy Holidays to you!!