Thursday, December 6, 2007


Foggy and icy this morning. Almost slipped on the deck. Went back inside and put on the snow boots and then trudged off to work.

After work I went to Circuit City and got the $162.00 off my credit card for the sale price. They still did not know how to give me the AAA 10% discount. So looks like I will have to make another trip down there for that when I can get them the information they need, some coupon or promo number. But it $50.00 so it is worth the effort. I also returned books to the library and went to Walmart for icemelt and dog treats.

Thirteen Things about Saoirse

My 13 Favorite Breeds of Dogs

1..... Shihtzu -For Our dog Lady and her dog Sammie

2. Bedlington Terrier - For Happy Christmas

3. Collie - For Rex

4. West Highland White Terrier - For Tooter and Heather

5. German Shorthair Pointer - For Amanda Von Schlange (Mandy)

6. Great Dane

7. Chinese Crested

8. Chihuahua

9. Coon Hound

10. Bassett Hound

11. Cocker Spaniel

12. Irish Wolfhound

13. Kerry Blue Terrier

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