Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It has been a busy past few days. I hope every one had a nice Christmas Eve and Day. Christmas Eve we treated ourselves to a dinner out. We went to The Onion. There wasn't too much open. All our favorites were closed. After dinner we came back and sat in the hot tub, hoping it would help M's shoulder fee better. And it did for awhile.

Christmas Day we headed out to the folks cabin at Loon Lake. It was a beautiful wintery scene there. We saw 5 eagles out on the lake which is almost all frozen over. I wish I would have had a better zoom lens on my camera so I could have taken some pictures. Had a nice dinner with the folks, along with their neighbors Bernie and Steve.

We got home before the snowstorm hit. It snowed all night and when I drove to work this morning it was still snowing pretty hard. It was slow at work today. Read alot of the new book I have started. Driving home was a nightmare. They had not sprayed the streets so the streets were compacted ice. Plus I had to go to Safeway and pick up prescriptions. I'm home now safe and sound. Makes me so nervous to drive on ice. It is not my driving - its all the other people sliding around driving way too fast.

I'm working on my New Years resolutions. I am going to try and come up with 13 for Thursday 13 for tomorrow.


Betty said...

I love the picture on your blog. You always post the prettiest ones. Such a joy to visit your site.

I was dreaming of a white Christmas, but I didn't get it. Send me some of your snow, okay?

I'm glad you got home safely. It is frightening to try and drive on ice. I can drive in snow but have no control over the ice.

I hope you and your's had a very good Christmas.

mamichelle said...

Sounds like you had a great day too with the exception of the scary ride home! Glad you made it ok.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

p.s. My earbuds actually fit! They're made by Apple and come with 3 different coverings. I used the smallest and they're great!

Betty said...

Did you use to live in Tennessee? I was wondering since you mentioned Cracker Barrel and Hardee's.

Betty said...

Of course, I know where Selmer, Tn. is. It's been on national television for way over a year when the Church of Christ minister was murdered by his wife.