Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

It was a very slow day at work. So time dragged a little bit. I gave bracelets and cards to Lori, Joanna, Melissa, Carol and Adrianne. Monday I will have a few more to give.

No Friday Feast today. She said she would have an updated one next week after the holiday.

I came straight home. I wrapped presents and watched tv. I am pretty tired this evening. Staying up late the last 3 nights has caught up with me.

I called Empire Movers for a quote to move the old refrigerator and tv up to the lake. Left a message on their machine. Called the clinic and made M an appointment for them to look at his shoulder. I also called White Box Pies and ordered 2 pies to take up to the lake on Christmas.

M's Mom left for the lake tonight. She won't be back til after New Years. Thanks for the cool pink jammies. I love them.

Since Friday Feast is taking the day off I decided to do the Friday Five

What is your fave thing about Christmas?

The Shopping

Did you believe in Santa Clause? If so, what was the best gift from him?

I always believe in the fat man bringing me gifts! Best gift is this year a GPS.

Do you have a Christmas Tree? Ribbon, Angel, Star or ______ on Top?

No Christmas tree this year

Best stocking stuffer you got?

A lottery ticket that I won $500

Wishing for a White Christmas?

I guess it doesn't matter what I am wishing for, we are going to get one like it or not!

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