Friday, April 4, 2008

2008 Day Ninety Six

I just finished watching the Oprah show about puppy mills. I cried for those dogs living in those conditions. And then I cried for all the dogs that are put to sleep on a daily basis in shelter all aound the country. My dogs are so special to me. They are part of our family.

Lady has been with us the longest. We think, but, will never be sure, she was thrown from a car on the highway close to my in laws lake house. She was so young and pregnant. She had fallen into the lake and the folks thinking she was a skunk went to save her. When they fished her out of the icy lake they found a sweet cute little black and white shihtzu mix. Jim, our friend, who lived next door at the lake took care of her and nursed while she had her puppies. He later found homes for her 3 pups. I had become very fond of Lady on our many visits to the lake house that summer. Jim decided he could not keep her and I jumped at the chance to adopt her. He almost changed his mind and was going to keep her. I was devastated. But in the end he decided she should come and live with us. And she has been with us ever since.

Sammie, my little male shihtzu, was a rescue. My groomer, karen, called and said a woman wanted to give away this little shihtzu. We went over to pick him up and again I fell in love. As we saying goodbye the woman said the strangest thing. She said, "I don't know why I am crying I really hate him" I knew right then we needed to bring him home and give him all the love he could stand. It took a year or so form him to open up and begin to trust us. But now he is out snuggle buddy.

The two, Lady and Sammie, are very respectful of each other. Neither one knows how to play, which is sad. But they love chewing bones and barking at anything outside that moves or makes noise. Life sure would be different if they had not came into our lives.

Because of them I donate dog food to the Human Society. For them I will continue to take in other shihtzu rescues and find loving homes for them.

People Who Made My Day Meme:

1. Betty - for the handwritten thank you note. It made me smile.

2. My new friends Pidomon and Bob. Your comments always make me smile.

3. M who said to me that he is the most happiest contented man on the planet. That really made me smile.
4. And to my new friend, Phyl, who gave me this meme idea.

Go ahead and join in and then let me know what made you smile today.


Leslie said...

I couldn't watch that show - too much animal love over here. SOB. We always have a ton of animals around :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks gobs for stopping off a J. Kaye's Book Blog. :)

Marlee said...

Oh, I'm so glad I missed that Oprah--I wouldn't have been able to take it! My BFF just got a rescue from a puppy mill from the Humane Society and that dog is so sweet but so AFRAID of every little thing. My heart breaks for her, but we're grateful she has a new loving home!

Phyl said...

Find out who made my day here:

Melissa said...

I watched that same Oprah episode and I cried my eyes out, too! I sat there bawling while my awesome rescue dog snuggled up to me. That was a major topic of conversation at dinner on Friday night. WOW, did that upset me. I'm so glad you posted about it!

Hunters Glory said...

omygosh I have shihtzu that has a very very similar coat as your in the picture. Sampson is male and the similarity is really strange!