Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred One

Another busy day at work. Nothing much went on. It was Jim's birthday. My thumb is still really sore. What a stupid accident.

After work when I got home to meet a roofing guy for an estimate I was surprised to see my old friend, Sue's husband Vince there at the house. I haven't seen Sue in a few years. We talked to get caught up what is happening in their life and he gave me an estimate.

After he left I filled out the application for traffic school and drove down to the courthouse where the sheriff's office is and signed up for the class. The clerk said they would send me a letter in about 2 weeks with the date of the class which will be held at the Jr College.

Enjoyed talking with friends at the phyre tonight. Had to leave the conversation early because M is still working the early shift and I had to get dinner ready.

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pidomon said...

and we enjoyed talking with you as well!