Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Fifteen

Another hump day finished. Gosh I do not have another 3 day weekend until May 19th. Seems like forever. It was busy so time did zip by.

After work I drove downtown to the bank. Robin was not there and won't be back till Monday, so, I will have to wait till Monday to open M's business account. Driving in town with all the road repairs is a real challenge. It will make it a long summer with all the road closures.

American Idol I am still pulling for David Cook. Carly did an excellent job and so did Syesha. I missed the other David's song. I'm thinking it will be Brooke who will get the boot this week. She's just is not ready for the big time.

If you want to chat, come to the phyre


Betty said...

I guess you know by now Carly got the boot tonight, and Brook is still in.

I love the pictures on this post. Really neat.

I clicked on that site for chat and all I saw was a blog. Am I missing something?

pidomon said...

great talking with ya last night!