Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Six

What a difference a day makes. Woke up to rain and much cooler weather. But, I'm off work! I love 3 day weekends.

We are taking the dogs to the groomer this morning. Yesterday we went to Kmart and I bought a new bird feeder and birdseed. Whenever it stops raining we are going to fill it and hang it because we have so many birds this year. Next weekend we will re-scent the wasp traps and try and catch the queens when they come out.

With the rain outside this will be a good day to stay in and continue beading. We may even have the last fire in the fireplace.


USA_Admiral said...

Stay dry.
Three day weekends are truly wonderful.

Have a safe trip while you are out and enjoy the day.

Bob said...

OMG that painting is gorgeous!

(btw, I'm always in need of a cookie fix ;) )

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

You must have a good job as I have noticed that you get a lot of days off work. I'm glad you had another long weekend. I used to love to take either Mondays or Fridays off when I worked.

It is cooler here and has been yesterday and today with temps in the 40's. Calling for snow tonight, but I know that won't happen and right now this late in the year I really don't want snow. I'm ready for warm weather.

pidomon said...

weather turned a bit here as well down to the 50's in the day and 40's at night but we are expecting an upswing and will be playing golf after work on Thursday and perhaps our first full round on Saturday

Hope you enjoyed the day off!

pidomon said...

with my (lack of) typing skills my blog is a proof read zone!

Glad you had a good weekend

Rachel said...

The rain died off and the sun came out this afternoon! I told Chris about what you said about planting, so even though we went and got all our seeds today... we're going to hold off putting them in a bit longer. How do you scent a wasp tree and catch the queen? I've never heard of that before.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Good weather here for the third day in a row, which is usually the limit.

Good for you on the three day weekend.

peppylady said...

Hi, I found your blog by the way of blog 365 and pagan group.

I once lived in the Spokane area. Actual I went to East Valley High way back when.

I sure hope you get a chance to come and visit my blog.