Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Twenty

A change is coming. I dreamed of people dying which always means change ahead. I don't know if it is good change or bad. Just change. And don't they always say change is for the good?

The weather today is my 2nd favorite kind of weather cloudy-sunny with a nice warm southern breeze. You know the kind, where you open all the doors and windows and really air out your house.

We took a drive to the milk store (a little dairy outlet that sells milk, butter and jumbo eggs) and took in all the cherry trees blossoming and colorful tulips popping up in everyone's yards. Even my tulips are blooming in abundance this year. I cannot wait to plant my hollyhock seeds, bleeding heart seeds, our salsa garden and my herb garden for this season. And I am going to use one raised bed for white pumpkins for next Halloween. I found the lights to hang around the back patio. Won't be long before we can BBQ and eat out on the deck. I love having weekend breakfast out on the deck. Ray, the yard guy, came last Saturday and did the lawns. Starting to look like spring.

Hope everyone had a nice Monday and wishing everyone a totally awesome Tuesday.


pidomon said...

Great Pic!
As far as Obama or Clinton or someone else coming up on the D side I just can't bring myself right now to support HRC.

I don't think it's because we are anatomically different I just think Barry X has a slightly less slimmer chance than HRC to accidentally do some good.

And I bet your steaks on the grill are teh AWESOME!

I'm relearning with burger but when the girls get here in June we will have steaks and baked taters oh yes we will!

Hope you have a great Tuesday

pidomon said...

well this is weird I swear the text was not there when I was last here!

I don't use foil on the taters usually wet them and put some salt on them for a crunchy shell.

I like your suggestion of garlic salt though I'll have to try that.

As always nice chatting with ya!

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I'm glad you are finally having some good weather to enjoy. Love the pictures, as usual.

Bob said...

So the Ice Age is well and truly ended?

Glad you had a nice day!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm so glad your weather is better!!!!

Hope your day is full of teh awesome.

Anonymous said...

So, if dreaming of death means change is in the air, what does dreaming of Amanda Marcotte and my Sister-the-PhD student becoming a couple and my sister wearing an actual blouse--green striped--mean?

pidomon said...

actually the first scene does not remind me of the ACLU as much as it does people who just don't get it regardless if ideology