Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 Day Ninety Eight

I have lots of girls in my circle and decided that they all needed to know that someone cares about them and appreciate the difference they make in my life. If you are here it may be because I tagged you as one of the girls in my circle! If I didn't tag you , no offense intended. Tag! You're it! Consider yourself tagged.
Betty, Phyl, Aprilwine,Ouyangdan, Lorna, Sharma, Barbara, Joanna, Melissa, Karen, Wendy and even if they are not girls Pidomon, Bob and Admiral
Wanna let your friends know you love them and appreciate the difference they make in your life? Go Admiral's page:
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Have a great week everybody.


Betty said...

A mermaid. How neat. You have some of the nicest pictures to show on your blog.

I tagged you for a fun meme. Check it out on my blog for today if you want to play. Up to you.

I hope you have a wonderful week, Linda, and that you don't have to work too hard.

Betty said...

Sorry, Linda, I mentioned the tag twice. You can tell I'm getting old. Can't remember from one post to the next, lol.

Rachel said...

Thanks for all the support the past few days! *hugs* I wanted to let you know I LOVE your playlist, I come here and leave the browser up so I can listen... it's a lot like what I have on my mp3 player : )

Phyl said...

I posted your meme here:

Come see...there is a lil sumfin there for you!

Bob said...

Thanks for the inclusion!

BTW, $1010/hr. I had no idea!

Anonymous said...


Hunters Glory said...

fun are only worth as much as the person you are with says you are worth.

BTW 1071.00

I she has a