Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Nine

Another beautiful Spring day here in the northwest. But changes are coming for the weekend.

M picked up the truck. The repairs they made were a great improvement. He also went by to see Dr Phil and looks like he has a disconnected shoulder. No wonder he has been in such pain. There is a calcium buildup that may require surgery. But at least now we know what it is and it can be fixed.

After work I went to the library as I do most Thursdays. I had lots of books on reserve. Mostly brand new released craft and cook books. There is also a book about dog's health and a book called Feather My Nest. These were the books on my book list at BOMC2 . I thought if I check them out at the library I can look them over and see if I still want to buy them. On my way home I stopped at Walmart and got a few things we needed.

Thumb still hurts. Just as bad as the day I fell off the chair. Sucks but I will live.

Its such a nice day I took Sammie for a ride. We drove over to Dutch Brothers and got a coffee. He was happy for the ride but I think was more happy when we got home. Speaking of coffee, our first shipment of Gevalia coffee came today. Good thing because we were out of "good" coffee. We also got the promotional item they were offering. A travel pack.

The birds are flocking to our feeder. I love watching birds. When we lived in Murray, Kentucky we had an open patio with a redwood picnic table. It was always too hot and muggy to spend much time outside. So Michael fixed the table up as a giant bird feeder. We had a large picture window that faced the back of the house, so, I could sit and watch the birds for hours. I kept a book for a long while listing all the species of birds that I saw come feed.

Almost Friday...


pidomon said...

sounds like a pretty good day!
Dad has a lot of bird feeders in his yard in Tx and we enjoy watching them too

pidomon said...

i believe the comment you left on my cardboard box under the overpass of the innertubes is the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.

Thank You

Phyl said...

In response to the comment u left me...Thank you for the kind words. Oh...yes...u gotta get back to sewing:). I would love to see what u do:).

Wishing you loads of financial success at the open house:).

You have a server?

About ur post...I LOVE watching the birds, too.


Betty said...

Hi Linda,

You are really having a time with that thumb. I hope the hurting stops soon.

Ed and I like to watch birds, too. We have a glassed in sunroom on the back of our house so we sit there a big part of our day and watch the birds come to our feeder. So much fun.

Thank you for letting me know who got voted off American Idol, but I am so sad to hear that. Didn't she have a beautiful voice? She was one of my favorites, and Simon was forever giving her bad reviews. She could have been another great country star like that one who won Am. Idol - I'm so tired I can't even think of her name. Oh well, you probably know who I'm talking about.

Have a good weekend.