Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Fourteen

I survived the gym. I have made a gym date with a friend from work every Tuesday and Thursday. We biked and then walked around the indoor track about 60 times. I haven't really excercised since November. Bad hu? Well I am getting back to it.

The weather is almost nice. At least no snow. I just stopped by home to let the dogs out. I still have some errands to run, but will be back to finish this post.

Back from all the running around town. Lorna emailed me pictures of the open house display. Here is a picture of some of my necklaces.


pidomon said...

Good for you!
I wich I had a gym buddy. I stopped going when I broke my elbow because all I could do was the treadmill.

I should never have stopped and need to find a way back to getting some real exercise

Phyl said...

wow! the necklaces are GORGEOUS!

peppylady said...

Real like your garden picture it looks so peaceful.

My exercise routine is kinda of hit and miss.
Basically my excuses is the weather, now up in North Idaho it been damp.

As Phyl said your necklace as GORGEOUS.

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

Wow, you sure have made a lot of necklaces, and they are so pretty. I can't remember to send you the picture Ed took of me Sunday wearing my necklace you made me. Oh well, I'll think of it one of these days, lol.

I am glad you are back to exercising. I have just been doing yoga twice a week, but I'm starting to get back into walking two miles. Today was my first day back.

Have a good evening.