Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Sixteen

It's windy and rainy outside. I drove the truck to work today. We did not go to work out this afternoon. My thumb still really hurts and I was just too tired. Bad, I know.

Got the letter from the sheriff's office. I go to traffic school for the ticket on May 17th. So its a green light to meet the girls at the casino for the Kentucky Derby weekend after next. I was looking at the racing news online today. So far I am liking Denis of Cork, but, that can change day by day till racetime.

Not much going on tonight. It will be an early evening for me. But tomorrow is Friday!


peppylady said...

Actual the weather has improved.

In Idaho they don't do traffic school thing.
But here you can pay double your fine and not get the points on your insurance.

I haven't yet taken a look at who running this year derby.

pidomon said...

your comments always make me smile.
thank you soooooo much hope you have a great weekend

Betty said...

Absolutely love the pictures, Linda.