Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Day Twenty One

My friend Lori emailed me today to urge me to apply for a posting in-house. I may do that tomorrow. I really want to do something different than what I am doing now.

After work I drove downtown to the bank to open Michael's business checking account. I sold 4 necklaces! Now that was a productive meeting.

Neil Diamond is on American Idol tonight. I do not know if I can stay awake to watch it, but, I will definitely record it.


pidomon said...

4 necklaces SWEET!1!

Sister1 and Sister2 will be here in June.

Can you email me with some prices and stuff? I'd love to have a present waiting for them when they arrive

peppylady said...

Change is something we all need at times.

Hopeful once our son Bart is out of high school.
I can focus on my ceramics more then.

But the job I have now the pay is actual fairly good for area.
I do home care and I have an easy client.
But to be honest I'm not all that fond of home care.

Betty said...

I watched American Idol tonight. I think Jason will be the one to leave next.

Hope you get a job doing something you can be excited about.

Phyl said...

Hello....Seven of Diamonds...i am wanting to talk to you.