Saturday, July 19, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred One

It has been a pretty low key day. I have kept my feet up most of the day. I did drive M to work. From there I went to the library and returned books and picked up books I had on reserve. I went over to JC Penney and bought M 3 new pairs of levis and 2 new golf shirts. I also picked up DK some well needed socks and 2 shirts they on sale. I was so thirsty so I drove to Sonic and got a lemon berry slushie. While I was waiting in the drive up line the manager came up and asked if I wanted a free tshirt. Of course I do. Thanked him for coming to Spokane and then drove around the corner to our favorite coffee stand and got M a granita.

I took him his granita because I wanted to show him what I bought him. He was thrilled.

After that I've been home with the air conditioners on and just relaxing and giving my feet a break. They are doing so much better today. Tomorrow it is suppose to be really hot in the mid nineties, so I am opting out of selling at the market. I don't want to risk having my feet back they way they were a few days ago.

DK started his new job and now works the graveyard shift. He was always a night owl.

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pidomon said...

sounds like a great day
shot a pretty good game of golf today and had a pretty good day myself