Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Three

I have made a commitment to make job hunting a job. Everyday afterwork I need to apply at 3 new places. Today I applied at Triumph Composite Systems, Spokane (maybe they can heal my sad feet) and printed out the application to complete for Spokane Mental Health (and maybe they can heal my sad sick mind). The last one I will fill out the application and drop it off after work tomorrow along with cover letter and resume.

It was very hot today, back in the 90's again. Tomorrow it will be cooler and we are expecting some well needed rain. Maybe a thunder bumper or two.

I made bacon avacado hamburgers for an early dinner. Made us both full enough to hold us over till tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the election and I think they should suspend any more campaigning and I think it is time for these 2 senators to go back to work. Isn't that what we pay them to do. Not fly around the country and now to other countries so the guzzle beer and make fools of themselves. I also think they should only have the money that is donated on the tax form to work with. No extra donations. That would cut down on some crummy commercials that play over and over. Just a thought.

Have a nice Friday. Hope it is cooler wherever you might be. If not, enjoy a popcicle on the deck with me.

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Betty said...

Good luck, Linda, on your job hunt. I am feeling better now that the weather has cooled off some and it is not so humid. My doctor said the heat could cause a drop in blood pressure.