Thursday, July 24, 2008

2008 Day Two Hundred Six

Just another day. The toaster burned up. No calls about any job today. I did go to the library and then the bank - normal errands. I stopped at JC Penney and exchanged M's pants for the correct size. While there I bought a four slice toaster - on sale from $50 to 19.99.

Talked to Lorna and heard about last weekend. I'm glad I forgoed that since it was blistering hot. I did sell a few pair of earrings this morning.

I made enchiladas for dinner. Another hot day in the forecast for tomorrow. But it is Friday and that is a good thing. I tried to take Monday and Tuesday off as floating holidays, but already the quota of people are already off for those days. I looked through the whole month of August and did not find a day that I could get a day off. Of course I am hoping I will not be there in August.

I hope you enjoy your Friday.

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Betty said...

Hi Linda,

Sounds like you got a good buy on the toaster. We have a 4 slice one and love it. I will buy another one like it should this one burn out. I was using a toaster oven, but I like the 4 slice toaster better.

Hope you are having a good weekend so far.