Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Fifty One

Yeah its finally friday! The weather is gorgeous. Work was, well, work. Glad its over and I won't have to go back until Monday.

This afternoon I'm just enjoying the day here around the house. I was invited to a spiritual life coaching/reiki session meetup tonight, but, decided not to go. They hold it every Friday evening at Rev Peaceful Spirit's house. Seems to be her real name. She works down on the first floor where I work. First impressions she seemed pretty nice and it would be nice to meet some like-minded people, but just didn't feel like going anywhere tonight.

Not much planned for this weekend. I do plan on pulling some weeds and planting my hollyhock seeds that James gave me last fall. There is an art festival being held down in Browne's Addition and I may go to that tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend with great plans.

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