Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Twenty Four

Thought I would post early since this is going to be a busy day. Another beautiful spring day lays ahead,

Since a big part of my day surrounds the Kentucky Derby my site for this saturday is:
The 134th Running of the Kentucky Derby


Betty said...

Hope your thumb is better, Linda. It sure is taking a long time to heal. I'll bet you went to the Kentucky Derby when you lived here. You're not actually going to one there are you?

I hope you have time to visit me today to see what Phyl sent me. It just arrived today.

peppylady said...

I sure hope you have fun at casino with your friend.
I worked today and didn't get a chance to watch the derby but I heard they have a filly running this year which is pretty impressive thats what I heard.