Friday, May 23, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Forty Four

We are starting off the 3 days weekend with a gray skies, a little rain and wind. I'm hoping sunday will be a little nicer for the BBQ we have planned. I am so ready to enjoy this weekend. I have lots planned, but, probably will not get to half of it.

I guess Memorial Day should be more that enjoying a 3 day weekend and enjoying a BBQ. We really need to band together like we did in the sixties and end this awful war and bring the troops home. My father, Quenton Donald Hathaway, is buried in a military cementary below San Francisco. The few times I have visited I found the place haunted with so much sadness, it is too hard to stay for very long. My Dad didn't really care for Christmas and he was laid next to a man who's last name was Christmas. I often wonder what he thought of that. My Dad was in the army during the Korean conflict. He ran the post office in Okanawa. Just an Indiana farm boy far from home. I loved my father, he was kind, loving and told great stories. He worked hard everyday, provided for his family and was what one would call a pillar of his community. Thank you for your service and your life Daddy.

I also want to thank Michael for his service. He enlisted in the Navy and did 10 years. He did 3 tours in Vietnam. He doesn't much talk about those times and his own thoughts when it comes to war are NO war is productive or good for any reason.

My own son enlisted in the Navy and did his time on the WASP. I was never so happy as when he got out and came home in one piece. I hope he will never have to experience war again.

We must work for peace, each and everyone of us.


Betty said...

What a great tribute to your Dad, Michael and your son. Very fitting for the holiday weekend. Hope you have a good one, Linda

Betty said...

Linda, I'm watching Larry King Live. Did you see it tonight? The two Davids and some of the others who were in the top 10 are on his show tonight. Do you remember Simon critizing David Cook once by saying that David didn't have any charm or something like that, and David shot back at him that he didn't have to charm him (Simon) and that all he had to worry about was charming the viewers. I'm sure those aren't the exact words, but that has just stood out in my mind. Funny thing, David Cook became Simon's favorite. All the top ten will be on Larry King Live on Monday in case you want to watch.