Friday, May 9, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Thirty

I am so happy it is Friday. It was a long tiring week. I've been staying up too late each evening and now it is paying its toll.

I had my monthly one on one with Holly today. Above average this time. I'm still looking and still hoping for a call back from the fabulous job. That may not happen. I sold 2 necklaces today. I should have planned the display better since this weekend is Mother's Day.

I have started reading 2 books. One is titled Natural Witchery and the other is titled Simplify Your Space. The second of the two will hopefully help me get my house organized once and for all. I'm starting in the kitchen as the book suggests and working out from there. I love the quotes throughout both books. So this weekend I will be cleaning and reorganizing, beading, celebrating Mother's Day with a steak BBQ and just enjoying not being at work.

Remember, one pile sitting out is the potential beginning of a complicated life.
Keep your life simple, and put the pile away.

Marcia Ramsland

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pidomon said...

enjoy the bbq!
great qoute too