Saturday, May 10, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Thirty One

Its a cool windy day. A storm is blowing in and will be raining by tonight. M drove himself to work today. His boss is here from Bellevue. I stayed in most of the day working on beading projects and the neverending chore of laundry. Saturdays I like to watch all the house flipping shows and cooking shows.

I did go and buy M's Mom her Mothers Day present and card. I still miss my Mom. She was a strong opinionated woman and very demanding and strict. But I loved her wisdom and guidance. It was strange the day she died. M and I owned a janitorial company at the time and lived in Lodi, CA. My mom lived in Murray, KY and DK had gone to live with her because the schools where we lived were so bad with gang violence. We worked mostly nights and stopped by the house that morning to get something. I had a urgent overwhelming urge to call my Mom. I knew there was trouble. I telephoned and the paramedics answered saying they were taking her to the hospital. They were very unclear or unwilling to say what had happened. They kept telling me to call the hospital. I did and they were the ones that told me she had passed. The cause was a blood clot in her leg. When the clot released it flooded her heart and she drowned. Years of smoking and coffee drinking had shrunk her arteries. We had our difficult times, but she always wanted me to do my best and almost always was in my corner. I know she now visits from time to time, I feel her around me strongly, especially when I am making a difficult decision. To this day her strength and guidance is still is there as it was in the past. I Love You Mom - Happy Mother's Day!


pidomon said...

that was beautiful.

our Moms are looking out for us as we make our make our way through the waking world

USA_Admiral said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! May it be restful and happy.

Utah Savage said...

That was a very nice bit of music and a lovely piece about your mother. Glad you had one you loved and who must have loved you back.

I'm always surprised to find people who love their mothers--mine was so bad I forget that isn't a universal experience. Now that she has died, I can finally enjoy mother's day. She is also the reason I am childless. Sorry this is such a bah humbug comment. Just saying.