Monday, May 19, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Forty

This picture is bottles full of good wishes to each and everyone of my blog friends.

Another beautiful day was on hand today. They say rain for tomorrow, but, I don't believe the weathercasters. Three days sure fly by fast when you are having fun. I beaded alot and just relaxed.

Pido, I'm so happy and thankful for the news. I am still working on the tag. Wish I was as good a writer as you all.

Utah tagged me and I will give this one my best:

First up: What was I doing ten years ago?

Living here in Spokane working for a construction company doing accounts payable for their 7 companies. I quit because they never paid overtime and made you feel guilty if you took a break.

Five things on todays to-do list:

1. Give Lady her medicine and vitamins for her kennel cough that has come back. We tackled and won before, so, I know we can do this again.

2. Go to Walmart for dog food, birdseed and other necessary supplies. I even remembered to buy the white and black fabric so I can start taking pictures of the necklaces I have made.

3. Finished 6 more necklaces.

4. Make tacos and Italian sodas for dinner.

5. Write in my blog to fulfill my 365 blog commitment.

6. Shower and go to sleep because it's back to the hell hole we call work tomorrow.

What would I do if I was a billionaire:

I would make sure both kids are well taken care for and then we would travel, travel and travel some more. I would go back and see all the places I have been and some new ones I have always wanted to see. I would buy back the family farm and rebuild everything that was destroyed and torn down.

Three Bad Habits:

I have a bad time following through. I really have good intentions of doing what I say I will do, but, then life gets in the way and I don't always accomplish what I wish I should have. Most times I do follow through but sometimes with a time delay.

I live in a black and white world - no gray. I say what I think or feel.

I should follow the diabetic lifestyle more strickly. I try to stick to everything sugar free. But I'm real bad when it comes to excercise.

Five places I have lived...and there are so many:

Sunnyvale, California
Hollister, California
Hammond, Louisiana
Winnemucca, Nevada
Spokane, Washington just to name a few.

Five jobs I have had... and there are alot of them too:

International Traffic Coordinator
Fortune Teller/Psychic
Hospitality Manager
Flea Marketer
Insurance Agent

Anyone who reads this and wants to play along, consider yourself tagged. Let me know if you play, so I can come visit.


Betty said...

I hope you have enjoyed your day off, Linda. Back to the grind tomorrow, huh? Don't you just hate to be in a job that you dislike so much that you dread getting out of bed and having to go there? I hope you find something better soon. I enjoyed reading more about you in your post for today.

Utah Savage said...

Good girl. Now I know much more about you. My favorite question was the billionaire one. Travel travel travel, huh? My traveling days are over. I hate getting nearly strip searched when I fly, so if I travel anymore it will be rail and boat. Otherwise I'm not leaving home. You're not pissed off at me are you?

peppylady said...

I'm going to wal-mart a little later on today.
I'm going to try real hard not to buy that much.

I answered your question over on my blog what you had about gardening.

Phyl said...

Most of us do not usually get everything done every day that we would like to do. As long as you are gentle with yourself and do not 'shoulda-woulda-coulda' on you, it is all good.

Things generally get done when they are supposed to...regardless of our plans:).

pidomon said...

great pics as usual and it was nice learning some more about you
Hope going back to work today didn't stink too bad

pidomon said...

are you familiar with this site?

just clicked on it from another blog i read but looked interesting and may be up your alley with the beading