Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Forty One

Back to work today after 3 glorious days off.

Lady has kennel cough again. She had it before and got over it, but, this time it is harder for her. She is getting older and that deep cough wears her out. M called the vet to ask for some kind of medication to combat this. When I got home I heard the voicemail from the vet. Called him back and he said to come by and pick up 2 kinds of pills. They seem to be helping already. She has only coughed a few times since taking them.

I just finished watching the James Stewart movie, Shenandoah, for about the 100th time. It is such a great movie and Stewart is such an outstanding actor. I read his biography a couple years back and found him to be such an amazing person.

I enjoy the movies today, but, I would choose an old Jimmy Stewart movie any day of the week. How about you? Please tell me which is your favorite Jimmy Stewart movie. We can see which one wins.

It has been raining all day. No watering the grass for the next few days. Those few days of hot weather really dried out our lawns. Now we have to worry about flooding. All the rivers, creeks, streams and lakes are at flood stage and most are over their banks. Here in the northwest we have 3 worries: Flood, Fire and Volcanoes.

Have a nice evening.


Betty said...

I'm glad Lady is better. I like the old movies, too. I don't know which Jimmy Stewart movie I liked best. Did you watch American Idol tonight? I thought it was a good show. I think it's going to be 2 hours tomorrow night. I can't imagine what they will be doing to fill up two hours.

Have a good day tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I'm glad Lady is feeling better. I don't have a favorite Jimmy Stewart movie. Wasn't the rain today nice?

Brave Sir Robin said...

I think my all time favorite would be You Can't Take It With You

But this mostly unknown film is wonderful.

Off topic - When will Jenn get booted off Hell's kitchen? Although, they got it right last night.

pidomon said...

glad the meds are helping Lady out
While I like Jimmy not real familiar with all his movies so I can't pic a fave.
Hope your Wednesday was good!

Ghost Dansing said...