Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Thirty Five

WORK SUCKS!!!! They now want us to learn to take calls for 3 more different type of plans with no more pay or compensation. Plus they want to do this training on a Saturday. I hate overtime of any kind!!! I told them that in the interview! I'm am searching big time now. When I came home I applied at the hospital that saved my life. I will send my resume out everyday somewhere till I find something. Ok, with that said the rant is over.

I went to the library and returned some books and picked up some that were on reserve. I also went to Walmart and got M his favorite trail mix. The weather is sultry today. It is suppose to be 83 degrees by this weekend! A couple days of Spring and wam-o we hit summer. This is a crazy place.

I talked to some old friends today. I talked to Karen and we have set up for the first of June to go to the movies together and then the 4 of us to have dinner. It will be so nice to see her again. I also talked to Wendy. Both her and karen are still working in the hell hole named Travelers Insurance. Poor things. But it was nice catching up with both of them.

American Idol tonight. I wonder who the last 2 will be. The 2 David's?


Phyl said...

It was wonderful talking to you-as always:). These pics are amazing!

peppylady said...

It seem strange that this weekend that we are having July like weather.

I have to stay with my job until my youngest graduate next May of 09.
I want to go back working for my self
Thats what I'm wishing for, but I know it won't be easy.

Your picture like phyl are amazing.

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

I take it you work in the insurance business. I would hate to have to work with insurance. It's bound to be very stressful. I hope you can find another job soon that you will be happy with.

Your prediction about American Idol was right. That's the two I had predicted also to be in the finals. I know you are rooting for David C., but I'm rooting for David A. just because I like the kind of songs he sings better than I do the ones David C. sings. I do predict that David Cook will be the new American Idol, but that's okay. David A. will get a nice career out of being runner up.

Yellow is my answer to your question.

Have a good evening, Linda.

Oh, loved the picture as usual.