Monday, May 5, 2008

2008 Day One Hundred Twenty Six

Happy Cinco de Mayo! M picked me up from work and we headed out on our date. First he took me to Dr Phil for my appointment. I think my thumb is getting a little better. We went out to the valley to a Mexican restaurant called Arcelia's. We got there before the party was getting started. Carol, M's sister, and her husband Roger joined us. We had a really nice dinner. Too bad it is a week night and can't stay out late.

The weather is simply wonderful. I had to bake a cake for a friend, Kim, for her birthday tomorrow. It is making the house smell so good.

I got on the library web site and reserved alot of books this evening. I have 2 books to pick up tomorrow and alot of books to take back.

I decided to do Bob's meme:

The rules are that all the answers have to start with the same letter as does your first name.

1. What is your name? Linda
2. A four-letter word: Love
3. A vehicle: Lexus
4. A city: Louisville
5. A boy's name: Liam
6. A girl's name: Loretta
7. Alcoholic drink: Long Island Ice Tea
8. An occupation: Lyrist
9. Something you wear: Leggings
10. A celebrity: Lyle Lovett
11. A food: Lima bean
12. Something found in a bathroom: Lotion
13. Reason for being late: Lethargic
14. Something you shout: Listen Up People!
15. An animal: : Lippazaners
16. A body part: Leg

If you want to play, please do and let me know when you're finished.


pidomon said...

if an early evening still sounds like a lot of fun!

keeping the 4 eaf clover but the viney grass killing type and I are at odds lol

and the new car is great. at east unti the first payment kicks in lol

hope you have a great Tuesday

Bob said...

Nicely done, Linda!

Enjoy Seis de Mayo! ;)

Aprilwine said...

I like that!