Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Fifty Three

Thanks to Zee I searched and turned off the annoying word verification. I never knew I had it turned on. So now it is gone.

We are hoping for a day with no snow. Justin is coming out this morning to remove the snow from our garage roof. Another worry removed from the worry box. I saw that Spokane made the national news with our snow totals and roof collapses. Flat roofs are dangerous here when we get lots of snow.

I am working on my New Years resolutions. Yesterday at lunch, M took me to The Viking, we discussed what we would like to accomplish this year. And a few places we would like to visit once spring and summer come. I noticed last year I did not make or write down any resolutions, so I cannot look back and see if I accomplished any. How about you - any resolutions for 2009?

M is giving up another vacation day and going to work. But he is still going to drive me to work and pick me up. Jiffy is spending another warm day in the garage. I wonder if she is getting garage fever?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for eliminating the word verification.

Wow - so much snow. And it can be so dangerous if you live in a place that just isn't used to getting such quantities and having it snow so often.

I'll bet Jiffy is glad to be cozy inside.

And no, I haven't made any 2009 resolutions. I'm going to continue with my 2008 ones since they are unfinished.

pidomon said...

no resolutions for me even though i have been thinking a bit about it.
i drink too much soda and thought something simple would be to try to go to 1 soda a day and water for the remaining work hours

we'll see

i think Jiffy is happy where Jiffy is and is looking froward to escaping the garage but not too soon

hope you and M have a wonderful New Years Eve


kkryno said...

I'm going to resolve to try to help people more. I think I'll do some volunteer more. I think giving of my time will help me feel better about all of my blessings.

I wish all the best for you and yours in the New Year!

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