Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Fifty Two

The thaw continues, but, more snow coming for this week. The start of another three day week. I think I can get used to this. Today will be stressful because we lost everything that was entered last week, so all of that work will need to be re-entered along with all the new stuff for this week.

Michael is on vacation this week. He will be taking me to work and picking me up most of the week because all that has thawed has turned into sheets of ice. I guess I should have bought a 4-wheel drive instead of Jiffy. I think that every winter.

* * *

I got to work and it started snowing really hard, covering everything with thick wet snow. It continued most of the day not letting up till about 3:30. Another 7 inches of snow. It's crazy! The roof at one of large grocery stores collapsed. I guess there are collasped roofs and carports all over town. We are paying someone tomorrow to remove the snow from our garage roof.

Most of the work was still on the computer, only had to re-enter a few terminations. Whew!

Fearless leader sent us an email letting us leave at 4:00. Was glad to see it. Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Because of the weather I could not make it to the end of the year clearance sales at Rings and Things. Bummer. I bet alot of people could not make it. Maybe next time. I did get an email from Bead Mecca. The order I placed this weekend shipped today. They are located in Oregon, so, it should not take very long to get here.


Anonymous said...

Ish. Redoing work? No fun. Still - you have such a great, upbeat attitude about things.

Enjoy your day before more snow!

peppylady said...

Aren't the roads something. I drove highway 95 up the peterson hill at no more the 40 miles per hour.
I been driving our Toyota 4 wheel drive.
I'm work 3 days at beginning of the week so I can get it done and over with and I heard Thursday was going to be the worst.

Stay warm and safe.

Coffee is on.

pidomon said...

Jiffy and you belong to each other!
Watching early morning TV and they showed your town and thought of you

short week stinks you have to recreate work but a day off is coming soon

linda said...

wow, I can't believe the weather you are having up there! I don't think I have ever heard of it snowing everyday like this! and the roofs caving in all over the place are creepy...can you, don't...well, maybe you should check it out just to be safe....

hoping you have a wonderful and stay inside new year's eve!

Betty said...

Hi Linda,

What terrible weather you are having. Have you thought about moving back to the South? Might be a good idea. Move near Nashville and we'll go shopping.

fashion jewelry said...

where you come from!

Dave Robertson said...

Sorry you couldn't get in to our Red Tag Sale!! The roads were so bad, most of our staff couldn't get in either.

The good news is, we've extended the Red Tag Sale through this Friday. (January 9th.) I just saw a tag team o' plows going by us on 2nd Ave., so the roads will be OK!

Take care,

at Rings & Things