Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mt. Spokane Mist

We are snowed in. Since yesterday morning we have had 25 inches of snow. Cannot get off the side street onto the main street without getting high centered. Called into work this morning and Fearless Leader said do not bother making the trip because we could not get into the driveway when or if we even got there. There are accidents, car fires and jack-knifed trucks all over town. We have been listening to the police scanner all morning. What a mess!

So here I am warm and snug in the house. We have plenty of food and drink. I'm getting the laundry caught up, making earrings, movie watching, new tarot cards to learn to read (Thank you, Pidomon) and just enjoying the day off.

They sent a car to pick M up to go to work. He was not too happy that he could not stay home too. His company is putting them up in a hotel tonight. I'm hoping he can come home in the morning to get me to work, if I have to go, because we left Jiffy at my work.

I cannot believe its been since Monday since I blogged. I've been enjoying reading everyone else's blog.

driveway to Elkins Lodge


Anonymous said...


pidomon said...

wow sounds like a mess glad you are safe at home

and, once again, i am glad you like the tarot cards!

peppylady said...

We did get hit with some snow.

Coffee is on.

USA_Admiral said...

Wonderful Pictures.

Stay warm and have a Great Weekend.

Betty said...

I like snow, but I don't think I would like 25 inches of the white stuff.