Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Day Three Hundred Forty Four Happy Yule

Happy Yule everyone! Not much of a celebration this year for us. M was called to work for the day because of the weather. It snowed overnight and now is frigid cold. Another day of being snowed in.

My plans for today is clean the house, bake bread and make earrings. Might sneak in a movie or 2.

My Cricut should be delivered tomorrow, so, I will need to clear a table in my studio for it. I am very excited for all the projects I plan to make with it.

I got a card from my aunt and godmother yesterday which included her phone number down in Orlando, Florida. So I plan on calling her today.

I am so looking forward to 2 movies coming out on christmas day. Marley and Me and Spirit. I love going to the movies. I know it is expensive, but, I still prefer watching a movie at the theatre while munching on popcorn.


pidomon said...

hoping the holiday spirit is just delayed because of the weather and will be there soon.

a friend of mine want to go see The Spirit on Christmas Day I'm just not sold on it.

hang in there


peppylady said...

Happy Yule