Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Day 8

I am sick to death of snow! Betty, let me send you a truckload. It is pretty while I am sitting inside at my desk looking out and seeing it fall on our backyard. But driving and walking in it just plain sucks!
Enough said about snow...

I guess the gal who runs Secret Ingredient Tuesday has given up. She has not posted an ingredient for weeks.

When I got home I called Comcast to let them know we have hooked up the HD cables they gave us. I was told to call and they would do something magical to my new tv. When I called I was told, no magic, just a signal sent to my tv to make sure I am getting all the channels I am supposed to be getting. I do love the upgraded package I signed up for where I get every channel they offer. I never get bored with whats on. I just wish I had more time to sit and just watch tv. My favorite new show was on today, Bead Baubles and Jewels. Today's episode was about wire jewelry.

Tonight I am making the exciting meal of cream chipped beef on biscuits. Some call it SOS, some call it comfort food. We call it warm, easy cooking. Since poor M does not get many sweets because I can no longer eat anything with sugar, I thought I would treat him and make a pineapple cake. I made one for work for snack day and he was dissapointed he could not cut a piece out of it. As if....

Today is the New Hampshire primary...I'll be watching Chris and Keith to see who wins this time. Will it be Obama again or will Hillary or John Edwards be the winner? I guess I will have to watch and see. I wonder if those 3 will still be running when we finally get to caucus in Washington.


uncouthheathen said...

thanks for your comment. I thought I'd post here in case you didn't see my reply - the website for the singing psychic is:



Betty said...

Please, pretty please send me a truckload of snow. It's been in the 60's here today, Spring like weather.

It's eight o'clock CST, and I just saw on the news that McCain won in NH and that Clinton is ahead there by a small margin.

Love the picture.