Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008 Day Thirty

M took me to work this morning and then he left work to come and drive me home. The roads are getting worse and worse. And more snow on its way tonight.

Payday today. I gave my boss the necklace I made her. I also gave Amanda the bracelet I made for her.

Tomorrow I need to take M off my benefits because he goes on his own benefits. Yeah! Next paycheck will be a raise for me!

This afternoon I have been watching some of the shows I had recorded. I set up the series recording for Big Brother 9. This afternoon I may do some more beading. Other than that not much else going on around here.

An empty stomach is not a good political advisor. Albert Einstein

I was so sad to read that John Edwards is giving up the quest to become president. I was going to support him at the caucus. Now I will support Hillary. Watching and listening to Obama has made me more leary of him. He is not what he would like you to believe he is.

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Betty said...

No, no, I don't want your weather. I would like some snow, but I don't want that much.

Interesting pictures for today's post.

You asked me how my DH is controlling his diabetes. Well, he's not, not that well. Just the last couple of days he is starting to eat more often and eat least when he does eat. That seems to be helping. I think I told you he takes three shots a day.

Have a good day tomorrow and stay safe on those roads.