Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Six

Snow is coming for this afternoon and will visit us everyday this coming week. Oh joy! At least I am off on Monday and that is one less day I will have to venture out in it.

I only have a few things to do today. Swing by the library and pick up some books I have on reserve, pick up milk and maybe see if Lorna wants to go to the Rings & Things Warehouse. If she doesn't maybe we can plan for next weekend. The rest of the day is mine to do as I want. Beading, Watching Movies and cleaning off my desk in the office. It would be nice to see and use the printer again. LOL

This week's theme is: OLD FASHION

I used to love old fashioned candy, one of the wonderful things I can no longer enjoy.

I also used to love to drink an Old Fashioned once in awhile, but no longer. Damn Disease!

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Betty said...

I still think you should send me some of your snow. Would be a little less you would have to contend with.

My favoarite of those candy bars is the Mallo Cup. I think we can still get those at the Cracker Barrel.

Glad you have an extra day off this weekend. Hope you get some rest.

Love the pictures.