Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Three

The cold is just getting brutal. It was 2 degrees on the temperature signs on my way to work this morning. I give up, is it Spring yet?

My friend Melissa is having a bad time at work. The thing about call centers, or least everyone I have worked in, is that when they want to show their unhappiness about someone, what they do is single out that person and then keep at them until they break by either allowing that person to do something to get them fired or making it so miserable they quit. I hope this is not the case for my friend, but, I promised I would be her reference if she looks elsewhere for other employment. I try to fly under the radar at work.

This afternoon I am trying to get some of the laundry caught up. I didn't do very much of it this weekend. It always amazes me that 2 people can dirty so much laundry so fast.

I did watch American Idol that I recorded last night. The guy with long frizzy hair and the long fingernails was definitely born too late. He would have fit right in the 60's. I am always amazed at the ones who really think they can sing, but, cannot hit a note if it killed them. Another fun season ahead, for sure. I was very excited to see a commercial for Big Brother!!! A new season is coming back in February. I love this reality show!

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