Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 Day Twenty Four

No Thursday Thirteen this week. I just couldn't come up with anything. Next week for sure.

I went and talked to Melissa. She seemed better but said she is still looking for new employment, I would hate to see her leave, but truly understand her feelings. I saw my old pal Kelly. She is out on the floor now and sits real close to Melissa.

After work I went to the library. Returned books that were due and picked up some that I had on reserved. I picked some really cool books on beading and one on making homemade tiles. Also checked out a diabetic cookbook published by Betty Crocker.

I went to bed real early last night and I'm thinking about doing the same tonight. I am burned out and tired. I am really looking forward to my 3 day weekend. They are calling for snow over the weekend. At least that will make the temps warmer. Right now it is too cold to snow, believe it or not.

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Betty said...

Hi Saoirse,

Are you diabetic? My husband is a bad diabetic, takes 3 shots a day.

I love, love, love your picture for today. That is so neat.

I tagged you today. You may not see it until tomorrow if you are going to bed early, but I hope you will take a look when you get a chance.

They are calling for snow here tonight. I have my fingers and toes crossed, tee hee.